Dimensional tolerances and quality of metal stamping parts

By external force is applied to the punch and die plates, strips, tubes and profiles, etc., to produce plastic deformation or separation, thereby obtaining a forming method of the shape and size of the work required to obtain a workpiece is stampings. Stamping is applied to the mold by the press and plates, strips, tubes and profiles, and other external forces, thus producing plastic deformation or separation, thereby obtaining a desired shape and size of the workpiece (stamping) of forming methods. Stamping and forging belong to plastic processing (or pressure processing), collectively known as forging. Stamping billet mainly hot and cold rolled steel sheet and strip.
Lightweight stamping, thin, good stiffness. It is guaranteed by the mold dimensional tolerances, so the quality is stable, generally do not need to use and then by mechanical cutting. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of cold metal stamping is better than the original blank, smooth surface appearance. Tolerance level and the surface condition of the cold better than hot stamping stampings.
Large quantities of medium and small parts stamping molding compound is generally used in continuous mode or multi-station. In modern high-speed presses centered configuration strip unwinding, correction, finished product collection, transportation and mold libraries and quick die change equipment, and using the computer program control, can be composed of high productivity automatic punch line. Using new mold materials and various surface treatment technologies to improve the mold structure can be obtained with high accuracy, high life punching die, thereby improving the quality of stamping and stamping parts to reduce manufacturing costs.
Stamping production technology and equipment are evolving, in addition to the traditional use of presses and mold manufacturing steel stampings, spinning and hydroforming, superplastic forming, explosive forming, electric water forming, stamping and other special electromagnetic forming forming technology also developed rapidly, to raise the level of stamping technology to a new height. Special stamping process is particularly suitable for many varieties of small batch (even dozens) parts production. For ordinary stamping process, can be simple mold, low melting point alloy mold, group molds and stamping flexible manufacturing systems, organization stamping of many varieties of small quantities of parts.
In short, the press has high productivity, low cost, high utilization of materials, simple operation, easy to implement mechanization and automation, etc. series of advantages. Use of stamping and welding, gluing and other complex process, so that the parts structure more reasonable, processing more convenient, you can use a relatively simple process to create a more complex structure.

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