Metal stamping parts in material How to choose

Because suppress mold unloading operation convenient than a fixed mold unloading, the operator can see the strip in the mold conveying action and urging the stripper plate to discharge strip is applied to a flexible force, will not damage the surface of the workpiece Therefore the actual design as possible mining suppress discharge board, but only in low discharge board unloading urging force, before switching to the fixed discharge board. Die stamping used is the use of urging the stripper plate, stripper plate or fixed, depending on the size of the discharge force, wherein the material thickness of the material is the primary consideration.
Stamping parts hardness testing Rockwell hardness. Small, stampings having a complicated shape can be used to test the plane is small, it can not be detected on a normal desktop Rockwell hardness. Alloy metal stamping parts processing, machinery manufacturing the most commonly used parts. Die stamping parts processing is the use of metal strip forming separation occurs or processing methods. Its range of applications is very broad.
Stamping parts processing including punching, bending, deep drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. Stamping parts processing materials are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (cold-rolled-based) of the metal strip material, such as carbon steel plate, galvanized sheet, tin plate, copper and copper alloy sheet, aluminum and aluminum alloy plates.
Hardness testing Stamping Materials
Stamping material hardness testing, its main purpose is to determine the extent of sheet metal annealing purchased suitability stamping parts processing to be carried out subsequently, different kinds of stamping parts processing, require different levels of hardness plate. Aluminum alloy plate for stamping parts available Webster Hardness testing, the material thickness is greater than 13mm can use bar hardness, low hardness of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy sheet should Barcol.

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