The method of deburring metal stampings on

Many metal processing plants in the production of metal stamping products often encountered when metal stamping burrs. Then the following brief you on how to remove the burr on the metal stamping parts.
One: there are tools to remove the burr of metal stamping parts
1 hole: Use a large knife or chamfer diameter drill tip
2, side: use a file, Whetstone, sandpaper, grindstone.
3, welding slag: There is vibration in addition to welding slag removal tool can also be brittle burrs.
4, diameter: The process will lead to the lathe angle.
5, as well as polishing, grinding, sandblasting, depending on what the work and product requirements.
Two: To be determined according to the product to metal stamping burrs process, if it is a single product on hand to look good.
1, electrochemical deburring. If the homemade device, cost is not high, economical and efficient use.
2, the shock wore off burr (burr gear), efficiency pricey, the quality can be.
3, heat treatment of the parts can also blasting deburring, can eliminate surface stress
4, with the air gun with a variety of shapes tip deburring is better, but also high efficiency
5, gear deburring can use the following methods:
(1) electrolytic deburring, highest efficiency and best quality, but the equipment cost is too high, generally small businesses can not afford;
(2) Vibration deburring, quality in general, but lower cost,
(3) manual deburring, the quality is better, but the efficiency may be lower;
(4) can be rolled.
(5) stainless steel electrode.
(6) pneumatic deburring.

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