Metal stamping parts to pay attention to the safety knowledge

Stamping is one of the relatively high rate of accidents jobs, many bloody lessons from time to time to remind us that safety must unremittingly. Each employee should be stamped "safe" word in mind, adhering to the "safety first, prevention first" approach to security. The press shop should
Precautions To ensure the production of personal safety, the safety of operating personnel education to pay attention to the safe operation and to establish the necessary security and safety management rules and regulations to implement the inspection body mass supervision. To this end, employees must strictly abide by stamping stamping regulations.
1, workers enter the workplace, they will be allowed to wear a scarf, not allowed to wear high heels, slippers, sandals and other: No smoking.
2, before work, must wear good company uniform overalls, gloves, cuffs and other non-release, such as entering the production site must wear a helmet, long-haired women may not stay outside.
3, the operation must be focused and prudent operation of the press than the operation, must pay attention to cooperate with each other.
4, is strictly prohibited fumble with work gloves, tamper.
5, non-working hours drinking and drunk (posts before 4 hours) induction operate the machine.
6, if alcohol, drugs (including doctor prescribed medication or reduce drug spiritual attention and judgment, etc.) affected workers, prohibited their posts.
7, slapstick prohibited or unauthorized undergo during working hours, channeling Gang chat, so as not to affect the workers, the workers dispersed attention and so on.
8, when the crane was lifting must lorry together; after hanging objects, lifting personnel is strictly prohibited throw rope.
9, without undue alarm or other unauthorized press the emergency stop button to prevent damage to the device.
10, will be allowed to enter their work-related warehouses, HV, laboratories, computer rooms, airy rooms, archives and other powerhouse.
11, is prohibited without a license or authorization to operate the equipment will operate the equipments to the undocumented.
12, in the fire area, shall not violate the ban, prohibit the unauthorized use of fire. If you must get angry, you need to apply for hot work permit authorities.

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