Common plastic production process

1, injection molding
Injection molding is a plastic products the main production methods. Injection molding is subdivided injection molding method and casting method. Plastic products through injection molding (referred to as the injection molding machine or injection molding machine) to use thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic mold material into various shapes of products, this process is through injection molding machines and die to achieve.
2, extrusion
Extruded plastic products is a very important processing methods, such as our common pipes, rods, profiles, etc. are produced by extrusion process into.
3, blow
Blow by a thermoplastic resin obtained by extrusion or injection molding of a tubular plastic parison, hot (or heated to a softened state), placed outside the mold, the mold immediately after closing in the parison pass into the air, plastic parison inflation and close to the inner wall of the mold, after cooling and stripping out the production of a variety of hollow plastic products, our common plastic barrels, bottles of mineral water products are part of this process.
4, rotational
Rotational large plastic bucket, plastic container processing methods.
5. Dip
It is a less common plastics processing methods, wrapped with plastic hangers seen in our daily lives is to use this process.

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