Learn sized metal stamping parts industry marketing note three note

As we all know, in the fierce market competition day different situation, market development hardware industry is facing difficult predicament. According to the Secretary-General International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Pan introduction, metal stamping products are widely used in the field, wide range of products, thus stamping production areas there are a considerable number of small and medium sized stamping parts production enterprises. The single type of production equipment, lack of talent, not have sufficient funds for the introduction of updated technology and advanced equipment.
With years of research on the stamping of the market, that the current Pan SMEs marketing following points should be expanded:
1, take the Internet with the traditional model of combining marketing formula. Internet and other media to promote its business to market expansion has an extremely important role, but for small businesses rely on propaganda is not enough, you also need the help of the traditional business model, more contact, more walking. Because funding for small businesses is relatively important. Small businesses can ensure that the Internet infrastructure investment, based on the full use of traditional marketing model, such as: participation in a number of exhibitions, visits to some customers more, play some more business phone. Take a relatively proactive approach, expanding the market.
2, look for small quantities, relatively low-tech orders. Due to limited production capacity for high-volume, specialized products can not even take a moment into the line, Furthermore, said the relatively large quantities of orders profits are very low, the labor force did not produce a large number of small and medium enterprises is difficult to stand firm foot addition large quantities of orders requires a lot of cash flow, which is a major problem for SMEs. Therefore, the construction of meaning in the development of enterprise market more looking for some small quantities of relatively high profit orders and buyers are more conducive to the growth and accumulation of seed capital companies.
3, learn to leveraging. For small and medium enterprises but linked to a large order can look for some idle plant or equipment, in order to save the cost of this investment, simply put technology and human resources, so you can earn more profits. But the emergence of a market crisis, the flexibility to do a good job market transition, to avoid blind expansion.

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