Now stampinNow stamping industry status quo and future development directiong industry status quo and future development direction

Stamping technology with the development of demand and unprecedented awareness and reform, whether it has a huge progress in the depth and breadth. Especially in combination with the high-tech aspect, a method and system has a new change.
First look at the development of characteristic stamping technology, penetration and crossing and integration and computer technology, information technology, modern measurement and control areas such as stamping, punching promote faster development of technology updates. Real stamping technology development, industrial production started in the car.
(1) Development of stamping technology involves all aspects of materials, energy, mold, and other equipment. Scientific analysis and control process for innovation and technological development process is the core technology is the embodiment of the die stamping technology development is an important factor in determining product life cycle, cost and quality.
(2) forming process of digital simulation technology development, promote the traditional stamping technology to scientific, enter the ranks of advanced manufacturing technology.
The rapid development (3) vehicles, aircraft and other industries, and energy factors are the main driving force of stamping technology. In the new century, environmental factors, and relevant legal constraints have become increasingly prominent, automotive lightweight design and manufacture become an important issue.
Research and Improvement (4) stamped with the performance of the development of stamping technologies complement each other.
With the development, the development of advanced forming technology, shaping the development of digital technology, stamping technology development have a unprecedented changes. Especially after China's accession to wto, full of opportunities and challenges of the development environment, so that Chinese high-tech launch a serious challenge to the conventional technique. National economy and national defense construction also to stamping technology put forward higher requirements. While accelerating personnel training, enhance the technological innovation capability, improve the overall quality and competitiveness of the company's technical team also can not punch an indisputable fact.

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