Talk about the problem of metal stamping parts offer terms

In fact, as boss into a position to consider the type of stampings offer this problem, we basically can outcome in this regard. It was at that several aspects to consider, first, raw material costs, the second is the acquisition of operating and maintenance costs and processing machinery and equipment, the third is hiring workers, companies also have regular training costs, four are in the process of processing products is not directed cost of.
The offer of metal stamping parts, first you have to see how much of the batch, the second is to look at his technical requirements, the three is to look at time requirements, Fourth materials, packaging, pricing usually includes: tooling costs, labor hours, materials costs, equipment and depreciation of fixed assets overhaul expenses, management fees, packaging and transportation costs, factory profits, taxes, etc., making stamping parts used in those materials have high ductility and toughness, low yield ratio and aging sensitivity metallic materials. Machinery and equipment, including mechanical and hydraulic presses, stamping dies, etc., used in the production of other service equipment. Hire workers and training process produces consumption. Uncertain cost process comprises electroplating or oxidation products, and packaging costs. Offer various methods vary depending on the situation inside the plant.
1, the general machining parts: Total cost = material cost + processing costs.
2, mold products; total cost = material cost that is the cost of materials * 3 1/3; 2/3 processing costs.
3, workers working hours and materials: Materials + labor costs + losses + auxiliary costs (freight packaging, etc.), but also the final offer customers there the required quantities.
Let's take a look at the price of the product step (non-progressive die stamping) to determine:
a, determine the product of rough prices. Is expected to open the first set of blank width, stride, material thickness, weight obtained blank, see the current selling price of this material, calculated material price of a product.
b, determined punching fee, a product often consists of multiple steps, each step may be different tonnage presses, now punching a different tonnage price of beer listed. Each punching tonnage fee as little as possible.
c, plus the cost of materials with various tonnage punching above fees and is the total price, but also consider the rejection rate in the production, as well as the subsequent processing of products, such as plating, brushed, and screws, studs, etc. , do not forget to go inside added to the total price.
To sum up cost consists of the following components: total price = material costs + stamping press tonnage fee for each subsequent processing fee +
Finally talk time stamping Quote to note something.
1, when the first offer superior leadership and communication, as the development of assessment, see technical feasibility (including technical requirements can achieve, can ensure quality, materials, outsourced pieces if there is supply, equipment is old or new the purchase, the company is currently able to produce the number of adequacy).
2, offer general are: raw materials cost = unit price * consumption of materials, parts outsourcing costs (such as bolts, nuts standard parts, etc.), die clip gage costs, packaging and transportation costs, labor costs + manufacturing costs + management fee + finance charges (this 4 with processing times * their rates), profit fee (per vendor 5% to 10%) and the like.

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