Disadvantages of plastic products

1, the corrosion resistance of most plastics, strong acids, alkalis and no reaction.
2, low-cost plastic.
3, durable, waterproof, lightweight.
4, easy to be molded into different shapes.
5, is a good insulator.
6, the plastic can be used for the preparation of fuel oil and fuel gas, which can reduce oil consumption.
1, the recycling of waste plastics, classification is difficult, but also economically viable.
2, easy to burn plastic, generate toxic gases when burned. Such as polystyrene produced during combustion of toluene, a small amount of this substance can lead to blindness, vomiting and other symptoms of inhalation, PVC combustion will produce toxic hydrogen chloride gas, in addition to combustion, that is, high-temperature environment, will lead to plastic decompose toxic ingredients, such as a benzene ring Wait.
3, the plastic is made from petroleum-based products, petroleum resources are limited.
4, the plastic can not be natural decomposition.
5, plastic and other poor heat resistance, easy to aging.
As the plastic can not be natural degradation, it has led to many animal tragedy. Such as monkeys, pelicans, dolphins and other animals in the zoo, visitors will be swallowed readily lost No. 1 plastic bottles, and finally due indigestion and painful death; looked on beautiful pristine sea, closer look, in fact Piaoman a wide variety of plastic garbage can not be accommodated in the ocean, in more than just dead seabirds samples intestines and found a wide variety of plastic can not be digested.
Plastics than the most dangerous phthalates, the substance led to the main reason for decline in sperm counts. The EU has banned cosmetics, teething rings and chew toys for children using a variety of phthalates. However, pregnant women are still exposed to phthalates, because this chemical is often used to soften household items such as plastic furniture, shoes, PVC flooring and plastic shower curtain.
Phthalates through plastic containers and packaging of food and water into the human body, such as canned food within the coating can be recycled milk and mineral water bottles and the like. Research shows that canned food with higher fat content food more susceptible to contamination, such as pork, anchovies, sardines. Fetus and infant and child adolescent for it is the most sensitive, but also the health of the most vulnerable.
In order to reduce phthalate for the human body, usually to note that it is best not to use foam containers foam noodles, not containing PVC plastic container in a microwave oven imported food. The correct approach is to put the food into a heat-resistant glass or ceramic containers for heating.

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