Features fabrication of metallic materials

Many mechanical parts and engineering components are subjected to alternating load work. Under alternating load role, although the stress level below the yield limit of the material, but after repeated cycles of stress the role of long, brittle fracture can also occur suddenly, this is now
It is known as the fatigue of metallic materials.
Metal fatigue fracture is characterized by:
⑴ load stress is alternating;
⑵ load longer duration of action;
⑶ instantaneous fracture occurred;
⑷ Whether it is a plastic material or brittle materials, fatigue fracture zone is brittle.
Therefore, fatigue fracture is the most common engineering, the most dangerous form of fracture.
Metallic material fatigue phenomenon, according to different conditions can be divided into the following categories:
⑴ high cycle fatigue: refers to (work stress lower than the yield limit of the material, even lower than the elastic limit) at low stress conditions, stress cycle fatigue in the number of weeks of not less than 100,000. It is the most common type of fatigue damage. Generally referred to as high-cycle fatigue fatigue.
⑵ low cycle fatigue: refers to the high stress (work stress approaching the material yield limit) or high strain, fatigue stress cycle number of weeks in 10,000 to 100,000 or less. Because of alternating plastic strain in such fatigue damage plays a major role, therefore, also known as plastic strain fatigue or fatigue.
⑶ thermal fatigue: refers to fatigue failure due to repeated thermal stress generated by the temperature change, it caused.
⑷ corrosion fatigue: refers to machine parts in the joint action of alternating loads and corrosive media (such as acids, alkalis, water, reactive gases, etc.), and the resulting fatigue damage.
⑸ contact fatigue: This refers to the contact surface of the machine part, repeated the role in the contact stress, pitting peeling or flaking surface crushed, resulting in mechanical failure damage.

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