Laser cutting of metal materials analysis applications

1, and titanium alloys.
Titanium is well focused laser beam coupling thermal energy conversion, auxiliary gas using oxygen chemical reaction fierce, cut faster, but it is easy to generate oxide layer trimming, careless also cause over-burning. For the sake of security, the use of air as an auxiliary gas is better, in order to ensure the cutting quality.
Aircraft industry commonly used titanium laser cutting better quality, although the slit at the bottom there will be a little sticky residue, but it is easy to clean
2, a nickel alloy.
Nickel-based alloys, also known as super alloy many varieties. Most can be implemented oxidation melting cutting.
3, carbon steel.
Modern laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel plate up to a maximum thickness of 20MM, the use of oxidation melting cutting mechanisms for cutting carbon steel slit width can be controlled in a satisfactory range of thin kerf can narrow to about 0.1MM.
4, stainless steel.
Laser cutting of stainless steel sheet for use as a main component of the manufacturing sector is an effective working tool. Under strict control of the laser cutting process heat input measures can limit the cutting edge becomes very small heat affected zone and thus very effective to maintain good corrosion resistance of these materials.
5, alloy steel.
Most alloy structural steel and alloy tool steel can be cut with a laser trimming method to obtain a good quality. Even some high-strength materials, as long as the control of process parameters properly, get straight, no sticky residue trimming. However, tungsten high-speed tool steel and die steel thermal, laser cutting and machining sticky residue ablation will occur.
6, aluminum and alloys.
Aluminum belong to melt cutting Laser cutting mechanism, the auxiliary gas is mainly used for melt-blown product from the cutting zone, usually obtain a good quality section. For some aluminum, it should pay attention to the prevention of the slit between the crystal surface micro cracks.
7, copper and alloys.
Copper (copper) due to the high reflectivity, with substantially CO2 laser beam can not be cut. Brass (copper alloy) using a higher laser power, the use of air or oxygen assist gas, a thinner sheet can be cut.

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