About Taiwan BranchDongguan Taike Metal Electronic Co., Ltd.located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. It has a superior geographical position and supplies a variety of related products in production, manufacturing, sales and service, achieving energy saving and emission reduction, and reducing costs, thus gaining a higher reputation.
The company's main business: plastic products, metal stamping, metal materials and so on.
The company's customers are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta. The products are mainly used for metal stamping, chassis shells, radiators, furniture decoration, curtain walls, LED lighting, nameplates, signs, circuit boards, etc. Now we have a variety of cutting machines, flat machines, wire drawing machines, shearing machines, film machines, sawing machines and other better equipment. According to customer needs, flattening, slitting, cutting, shooting, sawing, etc., issue 17% VAT invoice.
The company's aim is: diligent and enterprising, pioneering and innovative, cooperation and win-win; strive to provide customers with more cost-effective products with better quality, reasonable price and perfect service.

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