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Dongguan Taike Metal Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in Songshan Lake Dongguan, the geographical position is superior, specialized in plastic products,metal stampings,metal raw materials,etc. Supplying many types of related products in the production, manufacture, sales and services, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, cost reduction and thus obtain higher reputation.
Professional Equipment and Team
Dongguan Taike Metal Electronic Co., Ltd. always adhere to technological innovation, new product research and development, constantly introduce high technology research and development personnel.Now we have all kinds of slitting machine, flat machine, drawing machine, shearing machine, film machine, sawing machine and other advanced equipment. Can according to customer demand for flatting, slitting, shearing, filming, sawing, etc. Issued 17 percent value-added tax invoices.
Reliable High Quality Pre-sales After-sales Service
The company has senior professional technicist, can according to customer's production requirements to improve equipment, may at any time to provide customers with comprehensive technical support and maintenance services, Taike Metal Electronic Co.,Ltd will work together with you to progress and create a brilliant future!
About Taike
About Taiwan Branch
Dongguan Taike Metal Electronic Co., Ltd.
Located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, it has a good geographical position. It supplies various types of related products in production, manufacturing, sales and service, achieving energy saving and emission reduction, and reducing costs, thus gaining a high reputation.
The company mainly engaged in: plastic product, metal stamping, metal raw material and so on.
The company's customers are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, products are mainly used in metal stamping........+More
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